Colour me pretty

The bluish tint I own,

I owe it to the sky,

The white streaks upon me,

Are the clouds passing by.

Always content, glittering through the night,

I owe my glitter to the stars alike.

When the dawn wakes me up each day,

I feel a sudden set-back,

For in my calm, content life,

You create ripples each time.

I regret watching my blues turn grey,

But even that’s okay,

Since its not every day.

What I cannot let-go is rather,

How it turns to different shades.

It’s all because of your arrival, I hope you know this, my dear,

In my monotonous life,

You fill in colour.

I am not the one to brag,

But I love my blues and greys,

Somehow I never loved your orange-ish shade.

Yet, you keep coming back everyday.

Tired of your persistence,

I sent a word up above,

“Take him away”; I demanded,

“He doesn’t fit in my vibe”,

And so they did one day.

It happened when you were right at the peak,

When a curtain draped over you,

There was no escape,

I was happy, I won’t lie,

Till I looked within me,

It blew away my delight,

With you gone, I had no colour,

Monotony or not,

I became faded, with nothing to deliver.

Then I realised,

How you never ruined my vibe,

You coloured me pretty

With all your might.

You gave in what was yours,

Everyday, twice,

Yet, I never realised,

You coloured me pretty,

With all your might.

So I asked them to undo my demands,

The curtains got pulled over with laughter behind.

I waved at you for the first time,

And you seemed so overjoyed.

For your love coloured me pretty every day,

I now design your smiles with my waves.

Sorry it took so long for me to say,

Orange is not that bad anyway.


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