Two is the trouble

Sometimes in life we are presented with choices, and we have to pick one, eventhough we want both things, we have no choice but to pick one. We can't be at two places at once, can we? Well unless we're on the edge of a country and the border is close-by, it is physically impossible … Continue reading Two is the trouble

The Forgotten Faith

Have you ever noticed, when people don't speak up their mind, others automatically take them to be not worthy of the set task in hand? Even if they are the best ones amongst the lot, just because they didn't stand by themselves, others perceived it to be otherwise?  Often we wait for people to come … Continue reading The Forgotten Faith

The Perfect Gift

"What's the perfect gift?" A reply I got when I enquired about the "gifting" plans for my birthday. I didn't and couldn't find an answer to that no matter how hard I tried. What is the perfect gift? Is it something that makes you happy? Is it a "something" or a "gesture"? We are in … Continue reading The Perfect Gift

The Golden Glitter

It's travel solo. A lot. Sometimes it's a bit too much as I start to introspect my life, my dreams and everything far and beyond. It's hard to contemplate why I do this, but I definitely do it unconsciously. Maybe most people do it, maybe it's just me, but either way it ends up being … Continue reading The Golden Glitter

At pause!

As much as I hate it, I eventually do end up cleaning the space around me. Since, I've been told, "clear space, clear mind"; I take refuge behind the duster and deal with it. It's on one of these occasions of my sudden urge to clean that I found a box. It wasn't embellished or … Continue reading At pause!


Often we keep hoping for adventures to happen, for us to embark on a journey like no other, but we find ourselves in a pool of irony when we are presented the opportunity and we still choose to back off. We keep imagining, daydreaming about how it would feel to just take off for a … Continue reading Tick-tock!

To feel it or to live it again?

It's not just on friendships day that you dwell into nostalgia and remember the good old days, sometimes a Polaroid does the work for you on random occasions. It is in fact hard not to look back into the past, while some may say you never should, I believe it's good to take that trip … Continue reading To feel it or to live it again?

The Frozen Kaleidoscope

The night lights outside of my room, yes outside, in the park, look a lot like a kaleidoscope. A kaleidoscope at pause. Frozen at one certain moment. Yet somehow looks different every night. The lamplights are fixed to the ground, the trees don't move much until necessary, the moonlight changes but it hardly affects the … Continue reading The Frozen Kaleidoscope