The Vacuumed Heart

Travelled miles with force or choice,
To encounter things out of reach,
Oh Lord! What waters have I breached?

The waves come at me with all their force,
But somehow I end up,
Immersed underneath the surfboard.

“You try too hard”,
“You pick up difficulties”,
They said.
I just picked what looked extraordinary,
Something that’ll calm this heart’s atrocities.

I wonder if they know,
My choices keep me busy,
So that I don’t pay heed,
To this heart’s need.

“When what you want doesn’t want you,
Do you fight or let go?”
Unable to answer this heart’s query,
I ended up starting a rebellion, fearlessly.

I keep myself busy,
Draining glycogen stores,
So I don’t have to focus,
On filling this vacuumed hole.

Slowly I feel it’s taking over me,
The vacuum inside, has created a suction possibly.
I scream on top of my lungs,
Yet remain inaudible,
“Why can’t they hear me?”
My heart always puts up this query.

Sometimes I wonder,
If they are screaming too.
Maybe they are partners,
In my rebellion troop.
We need to learn to hear the unsaid,
For I believe the vacuum needs some air.
We look within to see,
A ray of hope,
To end this cry for help.
Remember, once found, it needs to be shared.
For so many more are in search of this light.
So if you’ve struck a match,
Don’t forget to ignite their lives.
Our silent screams need assurance,
That one day we’ll find resonance.
So if you’re a part of this rebellion,
Look up, there are many more.
Together let’s form an army,
And become soldiers who pump in hope,
Filling the void in every soul,
Voicing the screams that need to be heard,
Let’s pump in hope.

First within and then in others,
Let’s pump in hope,
And end this trouble.
– Copyright © 2017 M.Sindhuja

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