Thanks to the abundant boards on Pinterest that I keep stumbling upon words that trigger a series of words within me. Presenting my newest found stumble:


When I read this, I realised how badly I needed one. Don’t we all? Just imagine having “a chance encounter with something wonderful”. Feels great, doesn’t it? The idea of this “something wonderful” being left at the stake of “chance” is what triggers questions within me. So do we wait for “chance” to do its job and hope for something wonderful to happen in the future? This “chance” is basically fate, or so it seems to me. When fate decides for you to experience something wonderful, it’ll plan an encounter for you with what you need.

On the other hand, don’t we design our own fate? In one way or the other I believe that we do have a major role in designing our own fate. The blueprint may be pre-prepared, but editing is not restricted.

So this “chance encounter” is something we created. Whatever we do in life adds up to it, but if I put it that way it doesn’t sound magical. Sometimes we are so engrossed in our own little worlds, that we put our turn to edit the blueprint on snooze. After this, we start bearing a stench of monotony. People around us have the same stench too! It becomes unbearable and we start hoping for “something wonderful” to happen, the mere idea of it brightens our day.

Maybe it’s time we stop hitting that snooze button and edit our own blueprint. Yes, ofcourse the Higher Being has plans for us, but editing is not restricted, rather it’s mandatory. How long will you wait for your “chance encounter” to feel wonderful? Why not create one? Create your own version of trouvaille. It’s still fate, but with a little bit of edits.

For creating a trouvaille, all one one needs is to break out of monotony. Do something different, something you wanted to do or find something new. Works either way. If you find yourself cribbing about not having enough time, you need a trouvaille more than anyone else. Squeeze it into your schedule and it’ll fit in perfectly after a while.

Your trouvaille is ready for you, you just need to stop hitting snooze. So the question is, are you ready to create a trouvaille?

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