Set Sail

There are many terms one hears in his/her lifetime. One of those is “don’t row two boats together”. This sums up my life. I am a multitasker, I’ve always been one, so when I heard this, I wanted to just pick one boat to row, to be safe. Since safety is a mere mindset, I had to swim back to the shore as my ‘lone’ boat drowned without support. So I decided I’d do what I am comfortable doing, even if it pretty much ruins my biological clock. Some decisions and some terms need a revised definition. With a bit of architecture and wood, two boats tied together become a ship. Instead of rowing, maybe sailing is my calling.

Redefine what ceases your chance to sail. Yes, you’ll face hardships, yes, it will form bags under you eyes, trust me, it’s still better than drowning your beliefs over a logic that denies to appear logical to you. The day you set sail would be right around the corner. This corner could be of a rhombus, but don’t give up, it could be a rhombus shaped diamond waiting to be unfolded. Every time you doubt yourself of your almost insane lifestyle choice, remember, your ship is your embarkment to a treasure hunt. Since it’s never been discovered before, discouragement by the masses is obvious and should not be entertained.

Put on your hat Captain, the sea awaits.

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