Musings of Someday

Someday I’ll be flying to the moon,
I’ll be watching over you,
When you trip, whenever you fall,
I’d laugh a little more,
But won’t let you fall apart.

Someday I’ll be skiing through the Alps,
Building you snow globes,
Filled with love some more,
So you’d never be alone.

Someday I’ll be swimming through the tides,
Finding pear whites,
Just to let you know,
That you’re a precious cargo.

Someday I’ll be right by your side,
Visible in shades of white,
These wings of charcoal,
Make me a little hardcore,
But I am a little kind,
So I’d grant you a some sunshine.

Someday I’ll be gray as the strom,
Don’t worry you won’t drown,
Just pull yourself up dear,
You’ll get what you want.

Someday I’ll be quiet a little long,
But don’t get me wrong,
I am shopping for your needs,
Billing up receipts,
Just pay your dues on time,
With what you have inside,
Don’t question your might.

Someday you’ll know,
That I am what you call,
Destiny and fate.
You and I, my dear,
Go hand in hand, no fear,
If you don’t take the steps,
How will I progress?

Someday you’ll realise,
That for me to work on time,
You need to submit your files,
Way before mine.

Someday you’ll thank me,
After you have cursed me,
I know I am a little harsh,
But I can’t build roads where there is no path.

Someday, and I hope it’s soon,
You’ll figure it out somehow,
With or without an intervention,
That you design me
It doesn’t work otherwise.

Someday, everyday,
I’ll be there to help,
But do not over-depend,
You do your part and I,
Will be right by your side.



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