Fearfully Fierce

Fear consumes you. You know you have to face it, you know you will, but still the process of getting to it consumes you. We are constantly afraid of what might go wrong, what might not work out the way we want it to, that we forget to breathe. What I mean is how often have you noticed your breathing whilst you were stressing out?

 We are so engraved in this fear, the one we have successfully enlarged in size, that we forget that we are breathing and that is quite a lot to be thankful for. We just get consumed by our fear and question our existence, its worth and the reason behind this all. Sure we never get a good enough reason to explain why a certain thing had happened, and why it may or may not happen again in the coming future while we are facing our fear, which is alright because the reason behind it all may just be insufficient to calm the havoc inside our brains.

See the thing about fear is we let it consume us. We give it power. When we know we got a certain thing under control, why do we choose to think “what if?”, I’ll tell you why, because we trust our fear more than we trust ourselves.  We trust it enough to believe that it will ruin things. Yet we never give ourselves a chance to have courage to face it. It is good to have trust, just don’t place it on the wrong side. It does feel easier to just be afraid since it also gives you something to put the blame on in case of a failure. We need to remember that even if we fail, it is also a victory in itself since we got up and did it.

So place trust by your side and feel the magic. Consume the fear that dared to challenge you. Be brave. Have courage. Be fierce and combat your fear.

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