Dear God

Dear God,
I know that you love me.
But there is this uncertainty,
If it’ll be enough.

Dear God,
Maybe you don’t see fit,
To give me all that exists,
But is this just a script?
Or a heavenly part of your wit?

Dear God,
If you like dramas so much,
I’d write one for you as such,
Please stop making popcorn,
And directing my life into becoming a movie marathon.

Dear God,
I don’t know how things would end up,
Being good or bad because,
For better or for worse,
I know that you’d save me.
But what if am wrong?

Dear God,
See I am not questioning your plans,
But a sneak peek would be nice,
Coz I can’t handle all this internal fright,
It’s not letting me be wise.

Dear God,
I know that you’d help me,
Take my hand and guide me,
But there are billion others here,
How would I be your priority?

Dear God,
I don’t mean to stress you out,
You’ve got a lot to do I know,
But move these thunderstorms along,
Can’t hold on to the shade anymore.

Dear God,
How do I keep up my faith?
When your plans seem out of place?
Sure there’s some good in it,
But how long do I have to wait?

Dear God,
You and me have a long way to go,
So a truce would be justified,
So lets shake on it once more.

Dear God,
Fix this life of mine,
Before everything collides,
I don’t know what to do anymore.

Dear God,
Mend my life somehow.
Heal this misery,
That burns inside of me.

Dear God,
Know that I still love you,
Maybe a little mad at you,
Hope you read this and understand,
And swing your magic wand,
To bring happiness all around.


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