Dream Log

Someone once asked me,
“What was your wildest dream?”;
It was nothing out of the ordinary,
Not one with a fairy tale theme.
Yet somehow when I woke up,
It changed everything within me.

No, I don’t dream in black and white,
Yet I used parchments and scrolls alike,
With a fountain-nib pen,
I had spalshed upon words in delight.
With a million dollar smile,
My imagination was fluttering high,
Never before had I felt my heart amplify.

Source: thisivyhouse.tumblr.com

I could feel the parchment scroll down to lengths,
As I danced around with my fountain pen.
Once I was finished, I looked up and glared at the background,
It appeared to be a woodland with an endless path rolled down,
I don’t dream with just a single scenario,
Yet this was an exception I needed urgently, it seemed so.

Now I place my attention to the scroll,
That smile of mine still intact,
But my cheeks had become the transporters,
Of an endless line of waterworks.

No, I don’t cry in my dreams,
Yet somehow the tear glands got the better of me.
My heart would have weighed a thousand pounds,
For my cheeks delivered their parcel in those grounds.
Never once did my hands hinder this transport,
For I wanted traces of this feeling to import,
Within me through those humid lines,
That had embraced my cheeks with the utmost delight.

So I tried to wake up and jot down those words,
Tried in vain to have it export,
From the world within to this world I know,
So I could cherish this precious cargo.

When my brain started pulling me out of the woodlands,
I was just a bystander watching the ink submerge,
Into the scroll that my hands kept hold of;
The scroll I was never willing to let go of,
Through my transition from dream to reality,
All those words were now opaque,
Due to a delinquency.

Why did I recite this you may ask,
Let me take you back to the start,
When I had picked up the fountain pen,
I had felt I might write something again,
Only this time I was in a different reality,
So my darling lazy mentality,
Refused my desire to wake up and deliver,
All those lines onto a piece of paper.
Due to a single moment of weakness that night,
I had lost something worthwhile.
Never again have I refused to wake up,
When the calling is higher than my internal set-up.
Till this day I long for a retake,
On the dream which is now just a keepsake.

So without further ado,
Let me just tell you,
Never give in to minor luxuries,
Just because you can do as you please.
There are somethings the heavens control,
Don’t miss the sign;
Don’t put your guard down when you’re too close,
You might be just at the hands reach of something extraordinary,
Do not loose it just because it was arbitrary.
Yes luxuries make it worthwhile at times,
Yet there are things to discover,
That need you get out of your luxurious lifestyle.

Don’t put off things just because they are within reach,
A couple of seconds could cause a miles breach.
Savoir what you have and relish the possibilities,
Grab hold of the extraordinary.

– M.SindhujaΒ©

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