Two is the trouble

Sometimes in life we are presented with choices, and we have to pick one, eventhough we want both things, we have no choice but to pick one. We can’t be at two places at once, can we? Well unless we’re on the edge of a country and the border is close-by, it is physically impossible to step foot on two places at once.

Aalas! If we could just have Hermione’s time turner, we could experience the impossible. I’ve wanted one too.

There are certain choices that are made for us and we know they are the right ones. It’s a ‘Universal Grant’, if you may. Although I give my physical and mental presence to the first choice, after the event is done with, I can’t help but think of the other choice. I keep listing things I have missed out on because I couldn’t be at both the places at once. I know I would’ve done the same if I had picked the latter choice over the former.
“Have I missed out on the good stuff?”, I keep repeating this phrase to myself till I believe that I have.


It is true, what they say, that the grass is always greener on the other side. No matter what we have, we find want we don’t have more worthy and give it undue importance. This doesn’t change the fact that we weren’t on the other side and we can’t be now because we can’t turn back time. We just end up cribbing on something uneccesary.

Maybe it’s time to change the approach.

The grass will be greener, when you water it. The time we waste hoping for a time-turner, could be utilised in contemplating how the choice we made benefitted us too. We did have fun doing what we did, but somehow need an assurance that the other side; the other choice, wasn’t better. Why?

When we don’t get that assurance, and we figure out that the other choice would have been fun too, suddenly we leech out the fun factor from the choice we made. “I had soo much fun today but…”; “It was a wonderful experience but…” This “but” is the cause of our misery. Remove the “but” and we would have attained happiness, contentment in what we have done, satisfaction with the results, the we’ll be at peace with our choice.

Sure, the other choice would’ve been good too, but who’s to say the one we made wasn’t? We just assume it wasn’t because we keep looking at what we’ve lost, and ignoring what we have gained instead. Do the opposite and life becomes a happier place indeed.

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