The Forgotten Faith

Have you ever noticed, when people don’t speak up their mind, others automatically take them to be not worthy of the set task in hand? Even if they are the best ones amongst the lot, just because they didn’t stand by themselves, others perceived it to be otherwise?

 Often we wait for people to come into our lives and fix things. We want them to stand by us, but we never stand by our own selves.

Consider a scenario, you are about to be given a task you are fairly good at doing and a question gets thrown your way; “Do you really think you can do this?”, what are the chances your reply would lean towards the positive side? Would you rather say “Maybe” or “Let’s see” than “YES”?

Source: Doodlers Anonymous – Pinterest

Have you ever wondered why?

People tend to look up to the other side and hope for someone to say, “Ofcource, I know you can!”. Why can’t we look up to ourselves and say the same words to our soul? Why wait for someone to give you a push, a pat on the back, when you yourself are capable in doing so?

We put faith on a dice during a board game, but fail to have faith in ourselves.

We don’t speak for ourselves. We somehow have this fear that if there’s no one standing by us, we will be doomed. NO. We won’t. We are never alone. We have ourselves, our talents, our charisma, our kindness, our strengths, the list is endless. It may sound silly to some, but if someone else said you have the above mentioned skill set, won’t you readily believe them? Well, maybe not to their face, but inside, you do feel a little powerful, a little motivated and a lot happier than before. Then why can’t we say it to ourselves? How come we give more credibility to others over ourselves?

We are our best critiques, yet we don’t think we are the “high-end critique” whose credibility matters.

We don’t look closely as to what this mentality is doing to our lives, how it is hampering he very fibre that has been woven to build our souls. Just because someone didn’t push us to say “You got this!”, we end up believing otherwise. We doubt our own capabilities because someone else didn’t raise a green flag over it. This kind of power should not be given to a third party. This power to raise the green flag rests with you and only you.

 We don’t know if the stories of an apocalypse approaching are true or not, but time certainly is flying. The entire month of January, when I look back, seems like one day. At this rate, its best that we have more faith in ourselves and shout out the bold “Yes!” before we start regretting keeping that answer to ourselves. 

So if you believe you can handle a said task, a certain responsibility, with all your heart step forth and do it, don’t wait for second/third opinions, do it before it’s too late to pursue. Have faith in your own self.

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