The Perfect Gift

“What’s the perfect gift?”

A reply I got when I enquired about the “gifting” plans for my birthday. I didn’t and couldn’t find an answer to that no matter how hard I tried. What is the perfect gift? Is it something that makes you happy? Is it a “something” or a “gesture”?

We are in fact happier when we see that wrapped present, so much so that we hardly care if what’s inside will make us happy, we already are. Gifting itself is a gesture to make the respondent happy. Did it sound too formal? Let me put it this way, gifting is a gesture which makes your tummy do summersaults, your eyes go all glittery with joy while your face has put on this incredible smile without your notice. Better? If you are thinking of a gift that did all that to you, tell me would you describe it to be perfect? 

Perfection is a state of mind, in my opinion. Whatever the gift, we keep hoping that is just “nearly perfect”, that perfection will be found in the future. I guess perfection gives us hope (and maybe a little greed). We are never ready to accept a certain thing is perfect and it won’t get better than this. We always want more.

“What would you like to have?”

The next question that pops up when you don’t answer the previous one. “What would I like?” By this point I feel like I keep repeating the questions to myself unable to find a single solution.

“Flowers? Chocolates?”

You’d think only KBC gives you options, but no my dear, life throws big ones at you, that too without all the helplines.

Well, I am more of a flowerpot kind-a girl, than a flower bouquet kind, no offense though. I would prefer chocolate chip cookies over chocolate at all times (yes, we exist). The question is, do I want someone to gift me those? No. I want to get those myself, treat me myself.

“What do you want?”

Why can’t the questions go from difficult to easy rather than the other way around? Now how am I supposed to answer that? How is anyone supposed to answer that? What we want changes with time, there are additions to it with time, there are ommitions at times too.

When you repeat a certain word in your mind a certain times during a couple of thoughts, don’t you think we start thinking about the word itself? Well, I certainly did. 

Behind the flowers (flower pots), chocolates (-chip cookies) and all the other wrapped up presents, what we value most is the time an individual spent on deciding what to gift and the efforts made to go get that gift; the time they took out of their daily schedule for you, all the good vibes they sent to you all this time of their mental processing of “what do I gift…” and the time they spent with us on our special day, even if it was just telephonic. This is what we value. This, I believe is the “perfect gift”.

The seconds of someone’s life, that they can’t get back, when they spend it for you, with you, everything becomes perfect. 

So I summed-up my thoughts and replied:

“Bubble wrap your seconds and accessorise it with your smile. I’d take that as my gift.”

2 thoughts on “The Perfect Gift

  1. I feel that everything you desire is your expectations .Specially when it is a gift ; if we expect more from a particular person we would never be content with them. But if we don’t expect then , even their smile would give us immense pleasure .😘 .Well written @sindhuja 🙂

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