A talk I never had

You were delighted when you saw me coming,

There were sweets, gifts and the house looked stunning.

You held me in your arms and would never take off your eyes,

Treated me no less than a princess,

and did everything in your might.

You would suspend the work for our play-time,

Just so my weeps would turn into smiles.

All these things are the words of history,

Since you drove to heaven, before I could unleash our bond’s mystery.

We never had a proper conversation during your stay,

And now I would be pleased to have tons, whenever you say.

But that’s the worst part of the heaven’s shrine,

They do not run a telephone line.

For many tell me you are proud of me,

But I would like to hear it from you personally, please?

All those ears that have heard you and me, say we have similarities,

So lets chit-chat in my dreams someday and strengthen those please?

The movies tell me now you are a star,

But how will I know which one you are?

Can’t you just come meet me during my slumber,

So we can discuss how my life keeps getting hit by a thunder.

Maybe then you can fix it from up there,

And guide me again, through all the difficult mountains and terrains.

You have been doing so, for Mom and me from time-to-time,

But can you pull-a-little string or two, so it works better the next time?

Oh what fun I am having writing all those lines,

If just you had been here to listen, when I recite.

Since we both know how much we love poetry,

We would have had a magical time, just you and me.

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