To feel it or to live it again?

It’s not just on friendships day that you dwell into nostalgia and remember the good old days, sometimes a Polaroid does the work for you on random occasions. It is in fact hard not to look back into the past, while some may say you never should, I believe it’s good to take that trip down the memory lane as sometimes, if not always, it brings back an everlasting smile and makes you day better. 

My friends circle has expanded into a shape geometrically unexplainable. Mine is not one with an orange couch and six umbrellas, but am thankful for all that it is.

Sometimes whilst looking through the camera roll, I can’t tell if I am feeling sad or happy. Happy because it happened and now I get to savoir those memories, but sad because I can feel it but not live it again. Not that I would have done anything differently though. I know the happiest times in our lives are yet to come, but the ones that are gone sure would give them a serious competition. But there’s this fear of not being that happy again. Which is what makes me sad. I know I should be optimistic and not grudge over something that may or may not happen. Whatever it is that I know never seems to work when I have started onto this ride of “Oh my God! What if?”. I am not sure if this phenomenon is limited to just me or is there anyone else out there, but if you are one of them, I’ll share with you what I’ve  come realise that no matter what happens, we’ll always have amazing memories to cherish, even of it seems like the ones we are holding on to from the past are better, or let’s say way better, it is upto us to create and live the new moments. Our happiness is not confined to a memory, it is within us at all times. We just somehow learn to associate happiness with that memory. If we decide to be happy, nothing can hold us down. It’s like one of the things that if you smile(forcefully,even) for 30seconds, the brain releases endorphins and you start feeling happy. 

It is easier to dwell on the past and compare the present with it, but who’s to say the future won’t be better, (let’s say way better, shall we).

So I urge you (and myself) to live the new moments and fill up the jar of memories to cherish for eternity whilest savouring the ones that have past.


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