Often we keep hoping for adventures to happen, for us to embark on a journey like no other, but we find ourselves in a pool of irony when we are presented the opportunity and we still choose to back off. We keep imagining, daydreaming about how it would feel to just take off for a while to somewhere new, but we end up staying at the same place and curse our fate. We don’t realise that even if fate had been good to us, we still would have found a reasonable excuse to put it off. Sometimes everything else becomes more important than “ourselves”. 

“Life Happened”; they say.
If it were life that had happened, how come we say it with a sigh?

Why are we not happy with the statement that is keeping us alive? Maybe we aren’t really alive. We just jump from day to day, from “Bloody Mondays” to “Fri-yays”, skipping life in between. We hardly notice anything around us. We hardly appreciate life. Yes, we do through tantrums at it, we never miss that chance, but we choose to miss life instead. 

There is this broken clock at the Kashmere Gate Metro station, where the minute hand works like the second hand and the hour hand works like the minute hand. The second hand is frozen but will jump up 30minutes when it does work. For a couple of days, I just found it funny. Although when I thought about it, it seemed like the only clock in the world which was running correctly. We do skip the minutes like only seconds have passed by and hours slide right out of our hands like it was just a couple of minutes! No one notices the seconds unless it’s the last 60seconds of a final exam.

It seems as if the clock decided to run like this after hours of inspection and introspection daily.  It may have felt useless since no one pays heed to it anyway. So it decided to show how we waste the precious seconds, minutes and hours of each day gifted to us. They mend it and it showcases it’s magic within hours and runs haphazardly again. Much like us, no matter how much we are taught to “Seize the minute”, we just translate it in French, post it on social media and return to our haphazard way of living.

The clock with its hope of shinning the light on more muggles each day, still remains on duty. Will you be kind enough to observe?


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