The Golden Glitter

It’s travel solo. A lot. Sometimes it’s a bit too much as I start to introspect my life, my dreams and everything far and beyond. It’s hard to contemplate why I do this, but I definitely do it unconsciously. Maybe most people do it, maybe it’s just me, but either way it ends up being on my “Charcoal Diary”, so I guess I’m fine with it. 

During one of these “sessions” of mine, I went in too deep, which I mostly end up doing, and whilst looking for a way out of the turmoil of thoughts, I pushed my self out with a witty self revelation.
So let me take you through, shall we?

You know how sometimes you have one of those extremely busy weeks up ahead and all you can think of is how would you ever make it out alive, if not sane?
High five if you’ve ever been there, coz I am about to witness one of those. I couldn’t stop coming back to “it will be a cool week when it’s my Birthday week”; “If it just was my Birthday, this would have been a much better day”; (it is this moment when the lighting struck and I got out the turmoil), “What if it was?”.

It’s not that my Birthday is totally amazing every year and there’s confetti everywhere I go, but I am just so happy the whole day, even the whole week leading up to it, that I find everything around me amazing, that I’m the one throwing confetti around. It’s just a normal day but even as I write this, I know I make it wonderful, rather than just normal.

Why shouldn’t I? It is a special day after all. Or does it become one because I think of it being special? So if I think of other days to be special as well, maybe they’ll become special too!

It’s not a day or date that make the seconds pass by become glittering with gold. It glitters only when we give it power to do so. Once we start a vibe of happiness  and relate it to a particular day, we fill in every moment with confetti. So why not send this vibe around everyday?

I have started a new alert in my mind; “what if it was my birthday?”. So now everytime I feel a lack of good vibes in a day, I just ask my self how would I have reacted, if this was my birthday? How would have I handled it? And boom the goes the confetti!

What my birthday is to me, maybe some other day is to you, it could be any day that makes you feel special for the entire 86400 seconds of that day. Find this day, freeze those vibes and use them as confetti to glitter-up the rest of the 364 days. When even thinking of this one special day brings a smile to our face and joy to our lives, just imagine how joyous you’ll feel if you transmit these vibes into your daily routine.

Some might ask, if we make everyday feel like our special day, how special would our “actual” special day be?

To this I’ll say, you’re special day will always be special. We are not pulling the speciality out of it, we are just spreading it around to light up the rest of the days so we don’t have to wait around to feel special for 364 days.

The only way to feel happy is deciding that you are. So decide. Spread the glitter!

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