The Frozen Kaleidoscope

The night lights outside of my room, yes outside, in the park, look a lot like a kaleidoscope. A kaleidoscope at pause. Frozen at one certain moment. Yet somehow looks different every night. The lamplights are fixed to the ground, the trees don’t move much until necessary, the moonlight changes but it hardly affects the lamplight’s kaleidoscope. You see there are too many of them, but I like the intensity. Lying down every night through the window I witness the frozen kaleidoscope, not knowing what has changed, I wonder have I changed? But how? In one day? Everyday? Is it even possible?

With too many questions and silence as the answer, I am forced to intercept how have I changed, if that’s the case, in the span of mere 24hrs? Is it common? 

Considering I have started looking at things from a different perspective everyday or rather every night, what is the influence behind this change?

Then it occurred to me, maybe we just learn to pay attention to different details in everyday things, everyday.

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