At pause!

As much as I hate it, I eventually do end up cleaning the space around me. Since, I’ve been told, “clear space, clear mind”; I take refuge behind the duster and deal with it. It’s on one of these occasions of my sudden urge to clean that I found a box. It wasn’t embellished or glamorous, it was just a normal cardboard box, then again who’s to say what’s normal these days. Before my mind would form an entire debate around normality, I decided to open the box immediately. You see, I am too anxious too wait till I finish cleaning, (it can take forever and more). Moving on, inside the box, was this random but amazing collection of pens. They were all very different from the ones I usually own. Some were embellished, some had a wooden exterior, and some others had very different appeal to them. I wondered why would I have saved never been used pens. Such amazing looking pens. Then I remembered how I put my favourite batches in a box, to use on special occasions. Maybe I did the same with pens those days. All I could recollect was, I loved them, but never used them. The ink inside them is now a bit dried. I realised how if I had used them then, they would have been in a functional stage. My idea of preserving them for some special occasion, has now led to me never being able to utilise them to the fullest.

Somewhere I believe we all wait for some special occasion, and put things at pause. If we could just realise that every occasion becomes special once we decide it is, all this waiting could be avoided. We might even enjoy it at that moment more than we plan on doing at some futuristic special occasion.

Isn’t that what we are supposed to do? Make every occasion special?

So I picked up one of the pens and warmed them a bit to get the ink flowing, and put them to use. It is high time that we stop waiting and start doing. Daydreaming is good only as long as we are doing something to make it into a reality, otherwise it’s just a waste of our imagination. Let’s hit play to everything at have paused for a later, better time. No time is better than now. 


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